2020 was undoubtedly the year for global change, with few signs slowing us down as we adjust to this brave new world. Who knew a COVID pandemic would impact positively on home building and gardens? The real estate market is on fire with a high volume in sales and rentals.

In my recent LinkedIn Article “The RBA Keeps February’s Rates at 0.10%” – which you can read >here – I write

“There’s a high volume in sales and rentals, especially with a surge in properties with pools, while cities are emptied in droves as people seek a lifestyle change. Remote offices are the new normal, and the staycation lifestyle now a revolution. With international travel still quite some time away, property owners are turning their homes into the resort lifestyle, investing money into pools and gardens.”

As money is invested into upgrading our pools and gardens for a stay-at-home-resort lifestyle, pools compliant before renovations are now finding once renovations are completed, the pool is no longer compliant. The biggest issue is homeowners finding they are unnecessarily spending money installing and upgrading the pool area – with pool safety and compliance forgotten in all the excitement.


Preparing For Renovation

In preparation for upgrading your pool area, these are the best questions to ask yourself


Question: Does your pool compliance need to be renewed?

Need The Answer? Find out in our article How To Check Your Pool Compliance Certificate Renewal Date >here


Question: Do you know what the NCZ Non-Climbable Zone is?

Need The Answer? Find out in our article What Is The NCZ Non-Climbable Zone >here


Question: Do you know where your plants can go in your pool area and in the NCZ?

Need The Answer? Find out in our article How To Rectify Planter Boxes In The NCZ Non-Climbable Zone >here

Question: Do you know your pool safety requirements, standards and regulations?

Need The Answer? Read through the Ultimate Pool Safety Online Resource >here.



The biggest problem pool and property owners frequently face start with their builder where many property owners go through the unnecessarily expensive option of rebuilding their new pool fence because their fence installer doesn’t understand the pool compliancy laws. Yes, pool compliance is complicated. But unless your installer fully understands the laws, they can’t guarantee your pool will be safe or compliant. So when you’re seeking quotes, check your pool fence builder knows the pool laws. Any changes to the pool barrier means you are changing your requirements in staying compliant.

As an example: if your pool was built prior to 2008 and you upgrade your pool area with lovely new fences in 2020, your pool needs to fit to the requirements of the 2012 standards – rather than the 1986 standard.

Extra hot tip: E1, A1, A2, A3 Certifiers are professional experts in pool compliance legislation.

The best questions to ask your builder are

Do you know pool compliance?

What standard do I comply to?

Do you know how to do the rectification works to meet pool compliance?



Need Pool Safety Self Assessment?




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