There are 9 different checklists for every swimming pool or spa in New South Wales, depending on the property and pool type you own. Sounds confusing right? We’ve got you: DIY Pool Safety Evaluation with The Ultimate PoolSS Checklist.

For pool owners, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the complex laws and regulations governing the exact distances and heights of gate latches, climbable objects, fences and barriers. But when it comes to overall pool safety, there’s plenty of confusion.

The NSW Swimming Pool Register created Pool Inspection Self-Assessment Checklists to help property owners check the safety of their pool, spa, fences and barriers. Checklists are used for legislation and compliance in accordance to a number of factors

  • the type of pool, spa or barrier
  • what kind of property your pool is on
  • when your pool, spa fence was built and installed, and
  • if any upgrades were made over time

But we wanted to take it the next step further, looking at pool safety on a holistic level by designing a checklist that looked at pool safety overall – from storage of chemicals, electrical equipment and other potential risks not specific to fences or barriers.

We wanted to design lifesaving knowledge checking barriers and fences are compliant and make sure equipment is stored safely, while maintaining effective standard pool safety. We wanted to help every pool owner eliminate child drownings and check, fix and maintain their home pool and surrounds. We wanted to keep Pool Compliance simple.

Are you thinking about installing a new pool or spa?  The Ultimate PoolSS Checklist is perfect preparation.


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Disclaimer: The Ultimate PoolSSS
Checklist is a guide only, and does not constitute acknowledgment or approval of compliance or safety. If you check “No” to any of our questions, we recommend you Book A Free Inspection with our pool safety inspector to carry out an inspection confirming if your pool is compliant. 

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