There are 10 different checklists for every swimming pool or spa in New South Wales and Queensland, depending on the property and pool type you own. Sounds confusing right? We’ve got you: DIY Pool Safety with The Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist.


It’s very easy for property owners to feel overwhelmed by the complex pool laws and regulations governing the exact distances and heights of gate latches, climbable objects, fences and barriers.

The NSW Swimming Pool Register created Pool Inspection Self-Assessment Checklists to help property owners check the safety of their pool, spa, fences and barriers, navigating through 3 standards. The QBCC Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s Pool Compliance Checklist covers all things Queensland and pool safety – with 1 standard.

Checklists are used for legislation and compliance in accordance to a number of factors

  • the type of pool, spa or barrier
  • what kind of property your pool is on
  • when your pool, spa fence was built and installed, and
  • if any upgrades were made over time


Here at PoolSS, we’re taking it the next step further to reduce 10 checklists into 1 with the Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist.

This lifesaving knowledge checks barriers and fences are compliant, makes sure equipment is stored safely and maintains effective standard pool safety. 

New Pool Tip: Thinking about installing a new pool or spa?  The Ultimate PoolSS Checklist is perfect for your pool preparation.


Happy Pool Safety Checklists

The Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist

Pass your Pool Safety Inspection the First Time.

Forget Government pool compliance checklists. Pool compliance is difficult. So we created the Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist to make DIY Pool Safety simple. No matter what state you live in, the Ultimate PoolSS Checklist has you covered. 

Double tap and save directly to your phone.

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Disclaimer: The Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist is a guide only, and does not constitute acknowledgment or approval of compliance or safety.
If you check "No" to any of our questions, we recommend you Book Inspection with your pool safety inspector.


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