The CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Pool Sign is one of the most important pieces in our pool safety armour. And while it’s a seemingly bland part of the pool furniture, an out-of-date and faded CPR sign can be all the difference between a compliant and non-compliant pool.  

 CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Pool Sign saves lives. 

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The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network released the study CPR Saving More Children From Drowning which you can read >here.

90% of children in drowning incidents were given CPR immediately where early CPR contributes to greater survival rates and 4 x times as many positive health outcomes.




Reasons Your CPR Pool Sign is Not Compliant

❌ Faded and cannot be easily read or understood

❌ Set up away from the pool fence, or is dilapidated and skewed and is not visible or readable

❌ In bad condition and positioned more than 3 metres away from the pool

❌ Constructed using weak materials

❌ Grammar is inaccurate or the steps on how to act in an emergency is out of date.


The Compliant CPR Pool Sign

✅ Shows how to perform CPR

✅ Is attached to the pool safety fence or displayed near the pool, so the sign is clearly visible

✅ In good condition and easy to read from 3 metres

✅ Made of durable and weatherproof material

✅ Explains how to act in an emergency, from calling Triple 000 to providing first aid.

How to Prepare for your Pool Safety Inspection

Download The Free Ultimate PoolSS Checklist


Checklists are used for legislation and compliance – specifically according to your pool or spa, barrier and property. To make pool safety easier to understand, we created The Ultimate PoolSS Checklist >here.

Free Legal Resource Centre for you
Check your Pool Gate Fence and Latch


All the tips with our handy Pool Gate Fence and Latch Checklists >here

Clear your NCZ Non-Climbable Zone


Read What Is The NCZ Non Climbable Zone >here, where the NCZ looks at
• design, construction, installation and maintenance of child-resistant barriers
• restricting access to pools for pool safety
• pool inspections, and
• pool safety certificates as well as the NSW Certificate of Non Compliance, QLD Form 26 Nonconformity Notice and VIC Form 24 certificate of pool and spa barrier non compliance.

Clear CPR Signage


Read Pool Safety with CPR Signage >here and understand all the tips with pool safety and your CPR sign

A Clean Pool

A clean pool is a safe pool. Regular pool maintenance keeps a pool healthy, preventing build-up of debris and algae which is hazardous to our health.


Happy CPR Pool Sign Compliance


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