How to Rectify: Planter Boxes 

Whether you’ve had an inspection done, or you’re preparing to have one done, knowing how to rectify any planter box issues is not only simple, but could save you on re-inspection fees. 

With some local council inspectors charging $150 per inspection and less scrupulous inspectors demanding a kings ransom, this really can be a costly exercise. 

The steps you’re about to learn will give you a straight forward, easy to follow guide… 

… So easy you’ll be able to do checks and rectify any issues in as little as 5 minutes! 

Today’s article should not only assist in saving money and time, it will also equip you with the information you need to ensure your pool’s ongoing safety and compliance. 

Ok, first let’s quickly re-cap what the NSW Fair Trading definition of the Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ) is: 

“To prevent children climbing over fencing into the pool area, the laws require pool owners to make sure they maintain a ‘non-climbable zone’ around the pool. 

Any trees, shrubs or any other objects such as a barbeque, pot plants, toys, ladders and chairs must not be within the 90cm non-climbable zone. This zone is measured in an arc shape from the top of the pool fence arching towards the ground. It also includes the space extending 30cm inside the pool area – this space should also be cleared of any potential footholds or handholds. 

Any horizontal climbable bars on the pool fence must also be spaced AT LEAST 90cm apart.   

If your pool area does not meet these requirements, you can contact a licensed builder, pool technician or fencing contractor to carry out work in line with these safety requirements.” 

Now you’re refreshed on what the NCZ is, you might have noticed a planter box looks like it could be a potentially climbable object. 

Is it worth the risk?

There’s no question about it:

Planter boxes  full of living plants look stunning by the pool fence, but is it really worth the risk having one within your non-climbable zone?

Having a non-climbable zone is paramount to ensuring young children are unable to use any objects as footholds or handholds to climb into the pool area.  

Even if your household has no young children, it is still essential you make sure it is completely inaccessible to any neighbouring children who might wander in whilst playing. 

As they say, it’s always better safe than sorry: 

Rectifying a planter box in your NCZ is easy! 


1) Grab a tape measure 

2) Check to see if the planter box lies within a 90 cm (900mm) arc shaped zone 

  • This is measured from the top of the pool fence arching to the ground 

3) Also check that there are no climbable objects (in this case planter boxes) within 30 cm inside the pool area 

4) If the planter box is within the above measurements, find a more suitable location away from the NCZ 

As a special note: 

Remember to always check there are no horizontal climbable bars that are 90 cm or closer!

If you notice there are, consult a licensed professional for the best pool safety solution.

Now you try! 

As easy as that, you’ve got the quickest and simplest guide to checking and rectifying a planter box in your non-climbable zone (NCZ). 

With as little as 5 minutes and a tape measure you can save some money and time, whilst potentially preventing a child drowning. 

All it takes is a few moments of precaution to prevent a lifetime of regret, so there’s no excuses not to get out there and do it! 

Before you go: 

To really make those regular pool safety checks a breeze, remember to download a copy of our PDF pool safety checklist. 

Simply click the image below

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