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Wollongong Pool Inspections

Pool Safety Solutions: Your Number One Resource for Pool Inspections in Wollongong

As the third largest city in New South Wales, The Gong covers 714 sq km of coastal New South Wales. From Thirroul to Shellharbour, Albion Park to Fairy Meadow and beyond, the PoolSS team takes care of pool safety inspections for Wollongong pool owners and property managers.

Our pool inspectors complete onsite pool fence inspections while guiding you through council directions and all the red tape of Wollongong City Council and New South Wales State Government.


Getting your pool area compliant to NSW pool safety regulations is hard, but we make the process simple.


Why Do You Need A Pool Fence Inspection In Wollongong?

You need a pool fence inspection if you are

  • selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool in the Wollongong City Council region
  • building a new fence around an existing swimming pool or spa in the Wollongong City Council region
  • bought a property with a non-compliant pool or spa 90 days from settlement in the Wollongong City Council region
  • running a family day care in the Wollongong City Council region
  • requested by your bank when applying for or refinancing your home loan, or
  • directed by Wollongong City Council


What Can You Expect From Pool Safety Solutions With Wollongong Pool Inspections? 


We offer a comprehensive service aimed at simplifying pool safety for your convenience. We are passionate about what we do, always going the extra mile to help our customers achieve the best outcomes. Our inspectors are friendly, helpful and seasoned professionals with years of practical experience regarding the requirements of the law.

As proud Gong locals, we know the Wollongong property market, we know the terrain – and we know where to find the best live gigs and craft beer bars in Keira Street. PoolSS are dedicated to saving you time, money – and peace of mind. But most importantly, we’ll take care of your pool safety.

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Service Areas





NSW Wollongong

Keeping the Sandstone Mega-Region pool-safe

Servicing Wollongong

Pool Safety Solutions service the following suburbs and areas in Wollongong City Council:

Austinmer, Balgownie, Berkeley, Bulli, Coniston, Cordeaux, Corrimal, Dapto, Figtree, Helensburgh, Horsley, Kembla, Koonawarra, Mangerton, Mount Kembla, Mount Ousley, Mount Pleasant, Port Kembla, Russell Vale, Scarborough, Thirroul, Towradgi, Wollongong, Wombarra, Woonona – and beyond.

NSW Pricelist


New South Wales
Central Coast
Greater Sydney


NSW Pricelist

Half Price First Inspection $187 incl GST
Certificate with every inspection $87.40 incl GST
Reinspection $374 incl GST


How it works

1. Book Inspection


Book online entering your details and your preferred day to receive confirmation your booking has been received. Our office will confirm your appointment and lock everything in. Alternatively, just call us to chat about arranging your appointment.


2. Get Inspected


Armed with a tape measure, our friendly Pool Safety Inspectors completes an onsite inspection within 45 minutes. They’ll check your swimming pool, spa and barriers are compliant to Australian Government and State Government Standards.

3. Receive Certificate

After your inspection, we’ll email your results within 1 business day - if not sooner. If your pool is compliant, you get a gold star in pool safety. If you’re not compliant, you’ll receive your certificate or notice with a report including photos. Once you’ve rectified your issues, you can book a reinspection with the same inspector.


Prevention is better than cure, and our pool safety inspectors know how to get your family and community pool-safe.

A pool safety inspector’s role is to inspect where pools, spas and barriers are compliant to the NSW pool safety standard.

  • If the pool is safe, a pool certificate of compliance is issued.
  • If the pool does not meet the standard, a pool certificate of non-compliance will be issued.

A Wollongong property owner or manager has up to 6 weeks from their first inspection to get their pool compliant before council is notified.

NSW Checklists

How to NSW Checklist


1. Find what year/s your pool or barriers were built or installed*


2. Choose The Right Checklist

3. Take Our DIY Pool Inspection

*Don't know or don't have proof of date when your pool was installed or barrier was built?
Easy. Assess your pool on the current 2012 standard.
Regulations state any recent upgrades or significant repairs or alterations completed on barriers means your pool will be assessed on the current 2012 standard.

Choose your checklist and download

Pool Inspection


Free PoolSS Download


Checklists are used for legislation and compliance - specifically according to your pool or spa, barrier and property. To make pool safety easier to understand, we created The Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist to keep pool safety simple - for you.

Click through to Download.

What our customers have to say


“A thorough step by step process was undertaken to determine and identify hazards associated with spa safety and regulation requirements necessary for validation of standards and procedures. A professional service and customer satisfaction. I would recommend this service in the industry.”

Jenny McKinley


“We have used Phil on multiple occasions: quick, reasonably priced and very easy to deal with. Highly recommend.”

Phillip Wright


“Pool Safety Solutions were great to deal with. They took the time to explain all the areas that needed fixing which was greatly appreciated, and made the whole process a lot easier to accept.”

Julian McEvoy


I thought only council could do pool inspections and issue pool safety certificates?


Private Certified Pool Safety Inspectors can do pool, spa and barrier inspections and issue pool safety certificates too. Even if you are directed by the Local Authority - aka Council - to get a Pool Certificate of Compliance, private certifiers - like us here at Pool Safety Solutions - can still help you. 

What is the difference between council and private Certified Pool Safety Inspectors?

NSW Councils and Certified Pool Safety Inspectors are bound by Fair Trading NSW Government to lodge the inspection and details through the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Council and certified inspectors essentially offer the same service, but at different levels:

Council Certified Pool Safety Inspectors
is cheaper, but takes longer may charge more, but as a private business, are driven to provide excellent service and a more efficient outcome (or they won't be in business for very long)
is under no obligation to provide any service, help you or relieve any stress or intimidation you may feel are obligated to help you with excellent service, direction and advice where referrals, reviews and testimonials are bloodlines to small business success
  wade through the bureaucracy on your behalf for the most efficient and cost effective outcome
  assists you with all aspects of your inspection and takes care of all the details for you
is not necessarily easy to contact or will contact you at their leisure and not at your convenience are only a phone call, email or message away for your questions
can supply handwritten reports with little detail use the top-of-the-line digital systems for a detailed report including photos and videos with descriptions and explanations on rectifications
is in the role of finding problems and can not offer help  you understand the law, as that is not part of their role driven to arm you with information and details to help you undertand compliance
is renown for being booked 3 - 6 weeks in advance offer Same Day Certificates and can reach you within the week - or sooner
is notorious for finding problems outside of the pool and spa areas and barriers specialist focus on Pool Safety only
is wandering into unchartered waters by interpreting the laws through "Best Practice" have a thorough interpretation and explanation of state government pool safety following approved Training Courses taking a certifier through their paces in NSW rules, regulations, acts and standards
  offer all the expertise and abilities to translate these often confusing intricate details into everyday speak to the customer
is council, and council means red tape are not council


What's this 6-Week thing with council?

Under Section 22E of the Swimming Pool Act, if your pool, spa or barriers are not compliant, council must be notified 6 weeks after the first inspection. 

Does this mean I need to stress?

No need for stress at all. Your certificate of non-compliance is valid for 12 months. Council simply want to be reassured the risk of your non-compliant pool, spa and barriers are being managed, and who is managing the risk of your non-compliant pool, spa and barriers through the sale of the property - be it the seller or purchaser.

Why do we have to let council know?

Under Section 22E of the Swimming Pool Act, it’s the law. Council wants to be reassured the property isn’t being left non-compliant and posing a risk to public safety.

Can we keep it a secret? Do you really have to tell them?

Yes. It's the law.

What happens if I receive a letter from council?

If you receive a direction in the mail from Council, Council notes you can use any inspector or certifier - not just council. Here's what you can do:

  1. Contact your local Pool Safety Inspector to book in an inspection within the next 48 business hours – or even a same day inspection if you’re lucky.
  2. Read through the NSW Compliance Checklist to prepare for any potential areas of non-compliance. Or make it easy for yourself with our DIY Pool Safety Evaluation: the Ultimate PoolSS Safety Checklist.

    TIPS: Look out for gates that are not self-closing, trees and vegetation in climbable zones, fences not the correct height, gaps in between and under fences and lack of CPR signs.

    The Pool Safety Solutions Free Online Resource has handy reading material for
    NCZ Non-Climbable Zone

    Ultimate Guide To NSW Pool Fences & Barriers
    Pool Gate Latch Safety, and
    CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Signage


  3. Pool Inspection takes place
  4. Inspection results are lodged through the NSW Pool Register, taking care of all the council details for you
  5. Providing everything is compliant, certificate is issued – perhaps even on the same-day if you’re lucky
  6. If you are not compliant, your Pool Safety Inspector emails you a detailed report including photos with descriptions and explanations on rectifications.


Can we still continue to use a pool inspector if we receive a letter from council?


If you receive a direction in the mail from Council, Council notes you can use any certified inspector.

What happens if council contacts me?

If you are still working on rectifications, you can respond to council informing them rectification works are underway but taking a little longer than expected. Then once completed, your private Certified Pool Inspector will return to issue a certificate of compliance.

If my pool, spa and barriers are not compliant, how long do I have until council contacts me?

Your certificate of non-compliance is valid for 12 months from your first inspection date.

Under Section 22E of the Swimming Pool Act, if your pool, spa or barriers are not compliant, council must be notified 6 weeks after the first inspection. The reason for this is council simply want to be reassured the risk of your non-compliant pool, spa and barriers are being managed, and who is managing the risk of your non-compliant pool, spa and barriers. 

My question isn't here!

Not to worry. If you've got questions, we've got answers. Contact Us where our friendly team are available by email or phone. Pool Safety is a community responsibility, and we bring you peace of mind to the safety of your pool and spa. Pool Safety Solutions are a trusted company offering expert knowledge, advice, direction and service with a commitment to pool safety - and proud of it.

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