How It Works

We Keep Pool Safety Compliance Simple 


1. Book An Inspection


Book online entering your details and your preferred day to receive confirmation your booking has been received. Our office will confirm your appointment and lock everything in. Alternatively, just call us to chat about arranging your appointment.



2. Get Inspected 



Armed with a tape measure, our friendly Pool Safety Inspectors completes an onsite inspection within 45 minutes. They’ll check your swimming pool, spa and barriers are compliant to Australian Government Standards.


3. Receive Certificate

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll email your results within 1 business day - if not sooner. If your pool is compliant, you’ll get a gold star in pool safety. If you’re not compliant, you’ll receive your certificate or notice with an in-depth report including photos. Once you’ve rectified your issues, you can book in a reinspection with the same inspector.


When You Need A Pool Safety Certificate

• selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa

• building a new swimming pool or spa on a property

• new fence being built around an existing swimming pool or spa

• bought a property with a pool or spa 90 days from settlement

• run a family day care, home care or at-home child care facility

• requested by your bank applying for or refinancing your home loan

• directed by council



Got Pool Fence Inspection Questions?

What is pool safety compliance?
Why are pool fence inspections important?
What is the AS 1926.1?

Everything you need to know. Right here.


What Our Customers Have To Say




“Phil was quick, efficient, fair and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone needing pool safety compliance work and inspections.”

Rebecca El-Khoury



“We have used Phil on multiple occasions: quick, reasonably priced and very easy to deal with. Highly recommend.”

Phillip Wright



“Pool Safety Solutions were great to deal with. They took the time to explain all the areas that needed fixing which was greatly appreciated, and made the whole process a lot easier to accept.”

Julian McEvoy