The Australian Swimming Pools Act 1992 state owners of properties with swimming pools must

  • make sure pools are surrounded with a child-resistant safety barrier that separates the swimming pool(s) from any residential building and any place adjoining the property
  • doors and gates providing access to the swimming pool stay closed
  • make sure fences surrounding pools are designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the relevant Australian standards.

  In April 2016, changes to the NSW pool fencing laws required all property owners with a pool have a valid Certificate of Compliance, if they are

  • selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa
  • building a new swimming pool or spa on a property
  • building a new fence around an existing swimming pool or spa
  • settling a newly purchased property with a pool or spa 90 days from settlement
  • running a family day care, home care or at-home child care facility
  • requested by your bank when applying for or refinancing your home loan
  • directed by council

The pool certificate of compliance is valid for 3 years. So how do we know when our pool certificate needs to be renewed? Here are 3 ways.


1. Check Your Files

Check your inbox or files for the expiry date on your pool compliance certificate.


2. NSW Swimming Pool Register

Don’t have your certificate handy? Access the NSW Swimming Pools Registerpool-compliance-certificate-renewal-date-poolsafetysolutions-blog-feature

  • click through to the NSW Swimming Pools Register LookUp Link >here
  • Look up the property address – only include the street name. Don’t include street, avenue, lane etc
  • Find the registered pool attached to that address
  • Click through for more details
  • Look for the attached compliance certificate, non-compliance certificate or registration certificate.

Either or all of these documents will reveal when the expiry date is and due for renewal  

3. Just Ask Us

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