With pool and spa ownership in New South Wales continuing to rise, the impact of Pool Safety is paramount. And with the mammoth task of the council’s Pool Safety Inspection Program ahead, here are the 10 Reasons For Hiring A Private E1 Certifier.


Owning a property with a pool and/ or spa opens all the gateways to elevating our lifestyle while boosting our property’s value. But the nation-wide standards, rules and regulations where pool safety apply, is frequently a stressful headachey experience. These rules and regulations are fraught with confusion amid many detailed and specific requirements – so specific, that a few millimetres makes all the difference in being compliant. And with the newly released swimming pool safety inspection program by council encouraging homeowners in getting their pool compliant by council or a private certifier – which we wrote about >here – the rules and regulations hit home that much more.


A Pool Compliance Certificate is needed when you

• are selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa
• building a new swimming pool or spa on a property
• have a new fence being built around an existing swimming pool or spa
• run a Family Day Care or Home Care facility
• are directed by council
• applying for or refinancing your home loan


Council certainly have a task on their hands, determined that every single pool and spa in NSW is compliant – and so this should be the case. Pool Safety is paramount – there is absolutely no grey area there.


In the annual publication NSW Summer Drowning Report 2017/18 released by Royal Life Saving Australia, they noted overall there were 36 drownings in NSW from December 2017 – February 2018 (the 2019/2020 report is due for release in December 2020). In 2016-2017 period, 26% of drownings occurred in a swimming pool. But likely due to stringent laws introduced by council, in 2017-2018, the location for drownings shifted to the beach, with 73% of the nationwide drownings occurring in NSW alone. With the enforcement of Pool Safety, numbers are certainly down – thankfully. However, we are in the business where prevention is the best solution. We don’t believing in risking it, as one pool drowning is still one too many.


In September 2018, Market Analysts Roy Morgan noted in their report Swimming pool ownership is increasing in Australia that 15% of Australian swimming pools were in Sydney alone.  And with so many NSW properties featuring pools and spas, there is only so much Local Authority can do to complete such a mammoth task at hand. This is when a private E1 Pool Certifier – just like me – helps in keeping non-compliant pools and spas at bay. We are all dedicated and working towards the common goal of bringing property owners peace of mind to the safety of their pools and spas, and getting your pool, spa and barriers compliant to NSW Government Standards.


There are the 10 Reasons For Hiring A Private E1 Certifier

  1. Speed of inspection
  2. Thorough interpretation and explanation of state government pool safety regulations and standards. There are approved E1 Training Courses which makes sure a Certifier is taken through their paces when it comes to Pool Safety. There is nothing an E1 Certifier doesn’t know about NSW rules, regulations, acts and standards.
  3. All the expertise and abilities to translate these often confusing intricate details into everyday speak to the customer
  4. Immediate advice and assistance for rectifications
  5. Local and private E1 Certifiers are bound by Fair Trading New South Wales to lodge the inspection and details through the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Essentially, we take care of all the details for you.
  6. Specialist focus on Pool Safety only
  7. Complete report with directions and images for rectifications
  8. Same-day certificate
  9. Service with attention to details and commitment to safety
  10. Follow up and after care advice and support

Pool Safety Solutions is particularly focused on taking a logical approach to pool and spa safety. This goes beyond the black and white of rules and regulations for solutions that focus on compliance while maintaining the quality of your landscaping and the value of your property.

It’s all about keeping pool compliance simple.


Do You Have Council Pool Safety Questions?

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Pool Safety Solutions brings you peace of mind to the safety of your pool, spa and barriers and works to getting you compliant as soon as possible to NSW Government Standards. 


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