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The Facts


There are more than 200,700 pool owners in VIC

reasons were pinpointed to

  • faulty fences
  • lack of fence
  • faulty gates
  • gate left open

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Understanding How Pool Inspections Work In VIC

Just as a car needs a safety certificate as proof they’re safe to drive in, pools and spas need proof they’re safe to dive in – with a safety compliance certificate to prove pool and spa fences and barriers meet the state safety requirements.

Pool fence inspections reduce this risk and saves lives.

What Do VIC Pool Safety Inspectors Do?

All licensed pool safety inspectors in Victoria are registered with the VBC Victoria Building Authority.

In VIC, certified and council building inspectors in pool safety

  • inspect pools, spas and barriers, and
  • lodge the inspection and details with a certificate of barrier compliance or certificate of barrier non compliance through the appropriate VIC council

At a pool fence inspection, VIC pool safety inspectors inspect the

  • height of your pool and spa barriers
  • strength and rigidity of the pool and spa barriers
  • surrounds of the pool and spa area

Specifically, they inspect

  • trees and vegetation are not in the 900mm arc of the non-climbable zone
  • fences are at least 1800mm high with no more than 100mm gaps in between and under fences
  • gates are self-closing

What Should You Know About The Pool Safety Standards?

Across the last decade, statistics have proven compliant pool, spa and barriers significantly reduces the risk of children aged 0-4 drowning.

In 2019, VIC laws required all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool to comply with the pool safety laws with valid safety certification, such as

  • Form 23 certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance
  • Form 24 certificate of pool and spa barrier non compliance, or
  • relevant occupation certificate

What Is The VIC AS1926.1-1993?

To safeguard young children from drowning, all VIC pool fences and barriers must comply with the VIC 1926.1-1993 code.


Who Does The VIC AS 1926.1-1993 Apply To?

The VIC 1926.1-1993 swimming pool laws requires pools of VIC pool owners and managers be

  • registered with the VIC Swimming Pool Register
  • responsible when tenants are occupying a premises with a pool to have a valid Form 23 certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance
  • surrounded by child-resistant safety barriers separating the pool from any residential building or any place neighbouring the property
  • restricting access to the pool with self-closing doors and gates
  • surrounding fences designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the Australian Standards.
Local councils enforce pool safety compliance and have the powers to issue directions to get compliant and on-the-spot fines of up to $330.00 or penalties from $16,000 to non-compliant homeowners and if Form 23 certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance is not lodged as required.

When Do You Need A VIC Pool Fence Inspection?

In Victoria, you need a pool fence inspection when

  • selling or leasing a property located in VIC with a swimming pool or spa
  • building a new swimming pool or spa on a property located in VIC
  • new fence is being built around an existing swimming pool or spa located in VIC
  • a property located in VIC with a pool or spa has been bought 90 days from settlement
  • running a family day care, home care or at-home child care facility located in VIC
  • requested by your bank applying for or refinancing your home loan, or\
  • directed by council

VIC certificates of barrier compliance need to be renewed every 4 years.

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With our extensive knowledge of the regulations, jargon-free explanations, streamlined systems, and friendly customer service, you can get your Form 23 certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance and avoid all the fines and penalties.

When Prevention Is The Best Solution

Pool Safety Solutions is a trusted company offering expert knowledge, advice, direction and service with a commitment to pool safety.

We work with you, taking a logical approach to pool and spa safety. This extends beyond the black and white of rules and regulations for solutions that focus on compliance while maintaining the quality of your landscaping and the value of your property.

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