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Why Do We Need Pool Inspections?

Because pool fence inspections save lives

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Swimming pools are the gateway to a vacation lifestyle. And Australia certainly loves their pools – with more than 374,000 pools in New South Wales, 250,000 pools in Queensland and 200,700 in Victoria. They’re also an Australian status symbol, significantly contributing towards boosting the value of our property and lifestyle.

But this impressive asset and vacation lifestyle also comes with the high risk of children aged 0-4 drowning.

The annual National Drowning Report released by Royal Life Saving Australia notes the yearly statistics of children aged 0-4 – which you can read >here.

What is a Pool and what must you do?

While QLD, NSW and VIC differ slightly in definition state to state, essentially a swimming pool, swimming pool spa, swimming bath, wading pool or paddling pool is designed as a structure to hold a minimum of 300mm water for swimming and other water activities while adding value and lifestyle benefits to a property.

QLD, NSW and VIC, pool and spa owners must

  • be aware of their state laws
  • register their pool and spa with their state swimming pool register through their local council
  • maintain the safety of their pool and spa area and barriers for pool safety compliance, and
  • make sure children are properly supervised

Why does a Pool need to be compliant?

Just as your car needs a roadworthy certificate to verify it’s safe and ready for the road, your pool needs to be safe and ready for your family and the community – with a pool safety certificate.

Pool safety certificates, forms and notices are issued by registered, certified council and private pool safety inspectors. Pool safety inspectors can only issue the appropriate certificate once an onsite pool inspection has been completed.

A pool inspection requires your pool safety inspector to check your pool, spa and barriers are compliant to the Swimming Pool Australian Standard AS 1926.1. When your pool safety inspector finds your pool, spa and barriers are compliant, your pool safety certificate is issued. Your pool safety certificate then needs to be renewed every few years to maintain your pool safety.


What should you know about the Pool Safety Standards?

Across the last decade, statistics have proven compliant pool, spa and barriers significantly reduces the risk of children aged 0-4 drowning.

In 1992, the government launched the Australian Standard AS 1926.1 as the specifications, procedures and guidelines to keep our pools and spas safe, consistent and reliable by restricting access to the pool and spa. The AS 1926.1 focuses on all areas of access, specifically restricting entry through to the pool and over pool fences and barriers.

What does the Australian Standard AS 1926.1 even mean?

The Australian Standard AS 1926.1are the specifications to keep our pools safe across Australia, focusing on all areas of access, such as restriction entry through to the pool and over pool fences and barriers.

A pool inspection requires a licensed pool safety inspector to check your pool, spa and barriers are compliant to the Swimming Pool Australian Standard AS 1926.1. When your pool, spa and barriers are compliant, the risk of children aged 0-4 drowning is reduced significantly.

Who does the Australian Standard AS 1926.1 apply to?

Government states if you are the owner of a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, the Australian Standard applies to you.

 This means your pool or spa

  • must be registered with your state’s Swimming Pool Register
  • is surrounded by a child-resistant safety barrier separating the pool from any residential building or any place neighbouring the property
  • must allow restricted access with self-closing self-latching doors and gates 
  • have surrounding fences and barriers designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the Australian Standards
  • feature the correct signage, such as an up-to-date CPR sign or “pool under construction” signage permanently fixed within the vicinity of the pool

When your pool safety inspector inspects your pool, spa and barriers, they verify the compliance and safety of your pool by issuing a pool safety certificate. Your pool safety certificate also needs to be renewed every few years to maintain your pool safety.

Sounds difficult right? We get it – pool safety is complex. It’s about saving you time, money – and peace of mind.

What is a Pool Fence and what must you do?

Good Pool fencing isn’t all about aesthetics. Good fencing saves lives.

Pool safety elements aren’t always obvious: measurements are precise with specific clear areas to restrict access to the pool and spa area. Inspections look over these trouble areas to identify non compliant issues.

There are 2 types of pool fences

The Pool Fence or Barrier directly separates the residence from the pool and is a height minimum 1200mm.
The Pool Boundary or Dividing Barrier on a boundary line or dividing property fence which can frequently serve and act as part of the pool barrier. The boundary or dividing barrier is a height minimum of 1800mm, unless being assessed on the Swimming Pool Australian Standard 1986, with the height minimum 1200mm.

Pool fence is a general term as it refers to any fencing, whereas the pool boundary or dividing barrier purposefully acts as child-proof entry.

All pool fences, boundary and dividing barriers have 900mm NCZ non climbable zones. The NCZ non climbable zone prevents access to the pool or spa area by not allowing any objects, trees or shrubbery to exist within 900mm of the pool or spa fences and barriers.


The top reasons pool safety inspections fail are due to

  • pool gate locks and latches not self-closing or self-latching
  • objects within the NCZ non climbable zone
  • pool fencing and barrier issues
  • incorrect CPR signage

Local councils enforce pool safety compliance and have the powers to issue directions to get compliant with on-the-spot fines or penalties to non-compliant homeowners.


Don’t risk it. Be compliant. Be pool-safe.

What do Pool Safety Inspectors do?


The role of a pool safety inspector is to

  • inspect pools, spas and barriers, and
  • lodge the inspection and details through their state swimming pool register

At a pool fence inspection, pool safety inspectors inspect the

  • height of your pool and spa barriers
  • strength and rigidity of the pool and spa barriers
  • surrounds of the pool and spa area

Work with Pool Safety Solutions

Why PoolSS Inspectors are awesome for your Pool Inspections

PoolSS Safety Inspectors understand the complexities of the Australian Standards and translate all that legal speak into normal everyday talk – so you can understand too. Cos if you don’t know the rules, how will you know if you’re compliant? Or even why you are not compliant?

Pool fence inspections are a necessary part of pool ownership but we take care of the details – so you don’t have to.

We inspect the height of your pool and spa barriers. The requirements for child-resistant barriers vary depending on when the pool or spa barriers were built and where the pool or spa is located, such as outdoor, indoor, waterfront or portable.

We inspect the strength and rigidity of the pool or spa barrier. Inadequate pool and spa fencing is a major contributor to child drownings. Pool safety inspectors must conduct a test with forces of up to 330Nm to approximately 33KG on posts and/or footings and up to 250Nm to approximately 25KG on sections between posts and/or footings

We inspect the surrounds of the pool and spa area. Self-closing self-latching gates and the NCZ non climbable zone are the most accessible points of entry to the pool. We show you where everything needs to be clear within the 900mm NCZ non climbable zone of the pool fences and barriers and inspect your gates are always closed, self-closing and self-latching so you can pass your inspection.

What to expect from Pool Safety Solutions for Pool Fencing Inspections

It’s all in the name: Pool Safety Solutions have a solid history of helping property owners and managers reach compliance when they need a pool inspector to issue a pool safety certificate.

You can trust us and our 100+ 5 star Google reviews for professional pool fence inspections. Here’s why

We make the process easy. Pool safety compliance is complex. Understanding legislation is hard and reaching compliance is difficult. But we’ve streamlined the whole process to make it easy for you with our

  • online booking systems
  • same-day certificates
  • plenty of alerts and notifications to keep your finger on the pulse, and
  • a great team with empathetic inspectors to help you negotiate the unfamiliar world of the Australian Standard 1926.1, pool inspections and pool certificates.

We speak in normal speak so you understand too. Legislation is complicated – and that comes with lots of big words and jargon to confuse everyone (even council). You can rely on our translation of the AS 1926.1 into everyday terms where we help you understand the law and how to work within the law while preserving the value of your property and your pool time fun.

We take care of the details – so you don’t have to. From liaising with tenants, builders, property managers, contractors and even council, our team takes care of all the communications, legal paperwork and administration.

When Prevention Is The Best Solution

Pool Safety Solutions is a trusted company offering expert knowledge, advice, direction and service with a commitment to pool safety.

We work with you, taking a logical approach to pool and spa safety. This extends beyond the black and white of rules and regulations for solutions that focus on compliance while maintaining the quality of your landscaping and the value of your property.

No one likes compliance.
It’s difficult. It’s hard to understand. And it’s painful.
And to be honest, no one cares about compliance – until they have to.

So we get it.

We make the process easy so you get it too. Here’s how.

Book an inspection. Book online with your details to receive confirmation your booking has been received. Our office will confirm your appointment and lock everything in. Alternatively, just call us to chat about arranging your appointment. We always aim to have your inspection booked within the week.

Get inspected. Armed with a tape measure, our friendly Pool Safety Inspectors complete an onsite inspection within 45 minutes. They’ll check your swimming pool, spa and barriers are compliant to Australian Government Standards.

Get the results. After the inspection is complete, we’ll email your results within 1 business day – if not sooner.

  • If your pool is compliant, you’ll get the PoolSS gold star in pool safety.
  • If you’re not compliant, you’ll receive your certificate or notice with a report including photos for rectifications.

Get rectified. Once you’ve rectified your issues, book in a reinspection so your pool safety inspector returns to inspect all over again to issue your pool safety compliance certificate.

We have been assisting homeowners since 2017, and we bring all the gathered experience and knowledge to the pool party to help you, your family and the community.

How can you prepare for an Inspection?

You could go over the AS1926 act and your state standards:

NSW has 1 act and 3 standards
QLD has 1 act and 1 standards, while
VIC has 1 act and 5 standards


Or, you can DIY Pool Safety right >here before your inspector arrives.

Pool Safety Checklists State To State

Why does an Inspection fail compliance?

The most common reasons for failing an inspection are due to

  • pool fencing and barrier issues
  • pool gate locks and latches not self-closing or self-latching
  • objects within the NCZ non climbable zone
  • incorrect CPR signage

While pool fencing and barrier issues frequently need a builder – especially one who knows the pool safety laws and the standard you comply to – the pool gate latch, NCZ non climbable zone and signage are the easiest areas to fix.

  • make sure the gate’s self-latching system works so the gate is self-closing – then keep it closed
  • prune trees and vegetation while removing items such as toys, pot plants, BBQs and clothing lines to keep clear 900mm of the pool barrier
  • check your CPR sign is up-to-date

Free DIY Gate Latch Safety Checklists

Quick tips for improving Pool Safety

Pool safety doesn’t begin and end with one of our inspections or issuing your certificate or notice. In addition to renewing your pool safety certificate, your pool area should always be clean, maintained and clear

• Always supervise children. Never leave an occupied pool unattended
• Teach children pool safety etiquette in and out of the water
• Don’t get lulled into traps of convenience – like propping open your pool gate during a party. Always let gates close and latch

About Pool Safety Solutions

We have been certifying pools in NSW since 2017, expanding our services to QLD in 2021 and to VIC in 2022. As registered, fully qualified, and insured pool inspectors, we pride ourselves on our excellent work ethic. We love our work – and it shows!

We offer

Half Price First Inspections. We believe in keeping pool safety compliance simple, easy, cost-effective and educational for families and the community

Same day certificates. You need your certificate — yesterday. We take pride in our efficiency to get your paperwork to you the same day as your inspection.

In-depth report including photos. We use the best Australian apps to produce easy-to-read professional reports including photos so you know the problem areas and why.

Simple explanation of the legislation. Pool safety legislation is complex and we see on the daily how this causes so much stress to families. You can trust us to break down the legal requirements so you understand too.

Precise inspections and a highly detailed checklist system. Armed with a measuring tape, our inspections use the latest digital technologies and checklist systems to produce your reports, including photos, descriptions, and compliance issues..

Efficient service. We don’t keep you waiting forever. We schedule inspections promptly and carry out our work quickly without cutting corners. We tick every box.

We rely on the data. Numbers don’t lie and speak to the success we’ve had at helping families and the community with pool safety compliance.

  • more than 180 million litres of swimming pool water safely protected through pool fence inspections and protective measures in place onsite
  • more than 3,500 satisfied clients – and counting. We look forward to adding your name to this list
  • 120+ 5-star Google reviews. The people have spoken – and they love our service. We welcome the opportunity to impress you too

At Pool Safety Solutions, we’ve created our service to provide pool owners and property managers with peace of mind about their pools. With our extensive knowledge of the regulations, jargon-free explanations, streamlined systems, and friendly customer service, you can get your pool certificate of compliance and avoid all the fines and penalties.

Free Pool Safety Checklists


DIY Pool Safety - On Your Time

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