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When You Need A Pool Certificate of Compliance

If any of these situations apply to you, you need professional advice from an NSW E1 Pool Certifier or QLD Pool Safety Inspector to check your swimming pool, spa and barrier are compliant to Australian NSW Government Standards.


Real Estate Note

You can still sell your house with a Certificate of Non-Compliance, as long as

  • You provide a copy of your Certificate of Non-Compliance to the buyer
  • The buyer acquires a Certificate of Compliance within 90 days after settlement

are selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa

building a new swimming pool or spa on a property

have a new fence being built around an existing swimming pool or spa

have bought a property with a pool or spa 90 days from settlement

run a family day care, home care or at-home child care facility

been requested by your bank applying for or refinancing your home loan

are directed by council

Gate hinges and/or latches are faulty or do not comply

Climbable objects are too close to a pool fence, such as trees, plant pots, BBQs and clothes lines

Pool fence height is less than 1200mm or boundary fence height is less than 1800mm

Distance between the vertical elements of a fence is greater than 100mm

Distance below the bottom of the fence is greater than 100mm

Pool Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) sign is missing, incorrectly located or out of date

What Makes A Pool Non-Compliant?

 Pool Safety Inspections are complicated, but there are a few tasks that can be completed prior to inspection.

These are the top common issues when a pool is non-compliant.
Make sure these items are all clear before your pool inspection so you can be compliant.


Roles and functions of the certifier

What to expect

Inspector’s details & insurance

Date of agreement

Pricing structure

Service description

Proof of date of pool/barrier construction (it’s OK if you don’t have proof)


The Contract

Law dictates, No Signed Agreement, No Inspection.

Every NSW Pool Safety Inspector requires you sign an agreement for every pool inspection. This is so council tracks and monitors pools for the NSW Government's Swimming Pool Register.

While each inspector uses their own contract, specific details are included in each one.

Make sure you read the contract before signing so you know exactly what to expect regarding your pool inspection.



Do Pool Certificates Expire?



Pool certification expires, but NSW Government standards allow plenty of time to act.

If your certificate has expired, you can revisit all the reasons When You Need A Pool Certificate of Compliance.



Certificates of compliance expire after 3 years

Certificates of non-compliance expire after 12 months

The E1 Certifier is licensed and insured

Read reviews and testimonials for comments on efficient and prompt service or hidden fees

Easily contactable by phone or email for questions

Affordable price, great value and efficient

Service, attention to details and committed to safety

How To Choose A Pool Safety Inspector

A NSW Pool Safety Inspector’s role is to inspect pools and determine they comply to Australian Government Standards. No pool inspector can bend the laws or break the rules and must follow the exact same process and legislation.

There are two (2) types of Pool Safety Inspectors in NSW: Local Council Inspectors and E1 Certifiers by the Building & Development Certifiers, a part of NSW Fair Trading

You can check


All NSW Pool Safety Inspectors can

  • perform a swimming pool barrier inspection
  • issue a certificate of compliance if the swimming pool or spa pool meets all the safety requirements, and
  • issue a certificate of non-compliance if the swimming pool or spa pool does not meet all the safety requirements


There are quite a few reasons for choosing your Pool Safety Inspector. Read our 10 Reasons For Hiring A Private E1 Certifier.


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