Safety signs are a critical part of pool safety as a layer of protection. Pool safety signage gives you confidence your pool is safe. CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Signs save lives. Your Pool Safety with CPR Signage

Why your CPR Pool Sign is Not Compliant

Property owners and managers often fail their inspection simply because their CPR sign

  • needs to be updated
  • has faded and is unreadable, or
  • Installed in the wrong location

The Compliant CPR Pool Sign

  • Shows how to perform CPR
  • Must be attached to the pool safety fence or displayed near the pool, so the sign is clearly visible
  • In good condition and easy to read from 3 metres
  • Made of durable and weatherproof material
  • Explains how to act in an emergency, from calling Triple 000 to providing first aid.

Why Pool Safety Signage is Important

Swimming pools are the gateway to a vacation lifestyle. And Australia certainly loves their pools – with more than

374,000 pools in NSW
250,000 pools in QLD and,
200,000 in VIC.

They’re an Australian status symbol, significantly contributing towards boosting the value of our property and lifestyle. However, this impressive asset and vacation lifestyle also comes with the high risk of children aged 0-4 drowning.


The annual National Drowning Report released by Royal Life Saving Australia notes the yearly statistics of children aged 0-4 – which you can read >here.



Pool safety signage helps people be aware of the risks with pools, while also informing when most needed.

Where to Put your CPR Sign, and How to Fix It to your Fence

A well located CPR sign saves lives – and setting up a CPR pool safety sign is easy. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Choose your most up-to-date and approved pool safety signage for your pool available from your friendly local pool shops or any of our inspectors 
  • Check the texts, numbers and symbols are clear from a distance of 3 metres
  • Pinpoint the best location near the shallow end of the pool for attaching your sign – make sure this is a clear area allowing for resuscitation 
  • Install your CPR Sign within 3 metres of your pool or spa 
  • Keep your sign in good condition – outdated, faded, unreadable signs are not compliant and won’t be helpful if it is needed
  • Make sure your sign is in a very obvious area and keep it clear of furniture, plants and branches
  • Attach to the upper part of the fence so the sign doesn’t offer a foothold for entry into the pool area.  

Follow the signs – because a sign could save a life.

Pool Safety Solutions offer a CPR Sign with every Pool Inspection: Just Ask


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