A clean pool is a safe pool. Keeping our pool maintained and hygienic works to

• protect our pool equipment
• save on avoidable repairs, and
• prevents the build-up and growth of bacteria and algae

But when holidays come, how do we keep our pool and spa pristine in our absence? We’ve got all the tips.


Pool Safety & Compliance

Set pool alarms, double check gate latches and make sure your barriers and fences are in place and compliant to NSW Government Standards. Our handy NSW Pool Compliant Checklist >here will help.


Got Pool Safety Questions?

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Clear The Decks

Remove any pool equipment, furniture and debris to keep the entire area clean and clear.


Check Water Levels

Pool filters don’t like low water levels, so fill your pool even higher than usual to avoid your filter malfunctioning while you’re away.


Check Water Chemistry

Test the pH and alkalinity so they’re properly balanced with correct sanitiser levels. Put extra tablets or sticks in the chlorinator or chlorine floater along with extra swimming pool algicide to keep the water clean and pristine.


Set Timers

Set the pool pump to run at least 8 – 12 hours for each day you’re away to keep the water clear.
From automatic pool cleaners to robotic cleaners and creepy crawlys, cleaning your pool every day – even when you’re away – is still important. Program your pool cleaning system to start 15 minutes after your pool pump starts, then let it run for 2 – 4 hours daily.


Find A Friend

Bribe Entice a friend or neighbour with pizza and easy access to the pool to stop by regularly for pool checkups – preferably someone who already knows how to maintain a pool. Provide a simple Pool Checkup Checklist

• Empty skimmer basket
• If pool is uncovered, skim the pool surface of any leaves and floating debris
• Check the filter pressure
• Perform simple water test
• Check water levels


Use A Safety Pool Cover

Consider covering the pool in your absence with a mesh safety cover. This saves on losing water, helps keeps your pool clean by catching leaves and debris, and discourages unwelcome visitors from using your pool or falling in. Definitely don’t use a solar blanket, as it warms your pool, prevents your skimmer operating properly and actually becomes dangerous if someone or an animal falls in.


Going For More Than A Month?

If you’re heading away longer than a month, think about hiring a professional pool cleaner to take proper care of your pool maintenance.




Need Pool Safety Help?

Pool Safety Solutions brings you peace of mind to the safety of your pool, spa and barriers and works to getting you compliant as soon as possible to NSW Government Standards. 

We help you reach compliance with

  • a Free First Inspection. Always.
  • a detailed report including photos with descriptions and explanations on rectifications

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

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