The Australian lifestyle is synonymous with family, barbeques, 40-degree summer heat and swimming pools. Australian swimming pool ownership increases each year, translating to nearly 2.7 million Australians living in a house with a swimming pool, with more than 374,000 pools in NSW alone.  That’s a lot of pool safety to take care of.

Local Authority aka council have initiated the Swimming Pool Safety Inspection Program to encourage homeowners in getting their pool compliant by an E1 Certifier – council or private. Both council and private certifiers can inspect your pool, spa and barriers, lodge the inspection and details through the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

This means councils have decided pools can be inspected under the following circumstances:

  1. Where the inspection is compulsory because of the property type – be it multi-occupancy or tourist and visitor accommodation
  2. As part of a local council’s adopted inspection program
  3. At your request, for example, prior to the sale or lease of your property

For Cases 1 and 2, the council contacts the property owner. For Case 3, the property owner contacts the E1 Certifier – council or private – for a pool safety inspection. Really, council wants to be reassured the risk of the non-compliant pool, spa and barriers (as they transition through rectifications) are being managed, and who is managing the risk of the non-compliant pool, spa and barrier through the sale of property – whether it’s the seller or purchaser. If your pool, spa and barriers are not compliant, by law, 6 weeks after your first inspection, council must be notified.

It’s great council have implemented this state-wide program for pool safety. They stand out as being incredibly meticulous with their reports on the compliant state of your property, though many of our customers have pointed out there’s been a 3 – 6 week turnaround booking an inspection with council.

Well we’re here to help them – and you! At Pool Safety Solutions, we also take it that extra step further by offering solutions to problems singularly focused within the pool area where pool safety matters most.

Pool Safety Solutions works to get you compliant as soon as possible. We help you reach compliance with

  • a Free First Inspection
  • a detailed report including photos with descriptions and explanations on rectifications
  • jargon-free advice on the act, standards and regulations  

We bring you peace of mind to the safety of your pool and spa by offering you the tips, guidance and solutions that focus on compliance while maintaining the quality of your landscaping and value of your property. We get you compliant to NSW Government Standards.

It’s all about keeping pool compliance simple.


Bringing you peace of mind to the safety of your pool and spa and getting your pool and spa compliant to NSW Government Standards. Need Expert Advice? Need Pool Inspection, Certificate and Barrier Assistance?

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers.


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