In this case study, Pool Safety Solutions helped a Seaforth property owner reach compliance in 3 days, pushing his auction across the line for top dollar.


The Situation

On May 1, 2013, pool compliance became a nation-wide obligation for all pool and spa owners to prevent children under the age of 5 accessing the pool area and drowning.

On this day, the Australian Standard AS1926-2012 was launched in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and ACT under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The NT operates under AS1926.1 – 1993. Queensland has its own standard with a modified version of AS 1926-2007 combined with a state standard QDC MP 3.4 (we may or may not like this version the best).

The laws also includes that a property cannot be leased or sold without a certificate of compliance or certificate of non-compliance. Certificates would also require renewal every 3 years.

In NSW, the law operates under multiple standards to regulate the safety of pools, spas and barriers. Not complying to the Australian Standard AS1926-2012 results in on the spot fines of $550 and fines up to $5,500.


The Problem

9.30am, Tuesday, Ben called Pool Safety Solutions. His Seaforth property was up for auction 11am, Saturday.

While he had been planning to sell the 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 car family entertainer with pool and spa as non-compliant, returning feedback from potential purchasers included requests for a compliance certificate as part of the sales terms.


The Challenge

While feedback indicated a very interested and engaged market, if Ben wanted to guarantee reaching his reserve price, he would need to get his pool and spa compliant within 3 business days.


The Solution

Knowing he was already non-compliant, Ben booked the PoolSS 2-Inspection Compliance Guarantee* online for $299+GST.

By 3.45pm Tuesday, PoolSS Director and Head Inspector Phil had arrived to inspect the property’s pool and spa. In his report, Phil noted the boundary fence failed to reach the standard 1800mm with the pool gate not self-closing.

By 5.35pm Tuesday, Ben received an email with his certificate of non-compliance and the report attached. The report included photos with descriptions and explanations on rectifications. Phil also directed Ben to PoolSS’ List Of Preferred Tradies.

6.15pm Tuesday, Ben called Luke from LJ Constructions and booked him on Wednesday and Thursday for rectifications.

4.30pm, Thursday, Ben booked his reinspection online.

11.30am Friday, Phil inspected the property for the final time. Directed by Phil’s report, Luke had extended the boundary fence to reach the standard 1800 mm and adjusted the self-closing gate and latch so they would do their job.

1.30pm Friday, Ben, his agent and lawyers were emailed the certificate of compliance.


The Results

On Auction day, Ben’s compliant Seaforth property was sold for $2,95M. This was $105K above his reserve.

With a clear deadline in sight, Pool Safety Solutions worked closely with Ben for an amazing outcome:

PoolSS 2-Inspection Compliance Guarantee*, including
• same day certificates, and
• access to tradies offering efficient, economic solutions with an understanding of the pool laws

$4,000 approx
2 days rectification work

The compliant property had a new owner, with the previous owner reaching well above his reserve price. This was largely due to a reasonable investment that ultimately protected the property, neighbourhood and community.

The people are real. The problems are real. The pool and spa reached compliance. Pool Safety Solutions made it work.


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