As we reach the zenith of winter, it’s a shame there are a few months of the year where our pools don’t receive the love and attention of summer. But just because the degrees have dropped, there are still plenty of surprising ways we can make our pools matter to our lifestyle and our health.


It’s Cool. Winterise Your Pool.

Our article Holiday Checklist For Pool Safety looked at the ultimate guide to Pool Safety in the lead up to the winter holidays, because we believe a clean pool is a safe pool:

• Pool Safety & Compliance
• Clear The Decks
• Check Water Levels
• Check Water Chemistry
• Set Timers
• Find A Friend
• Use A Safety Pool Cover


The Cold Water Cure

Who knew cold water could be so good for you? Also known as Hydrotherapy and Cold Water Cure in the top spas of the world, shocking your body with cold water swimming has been known for its incredible health benefits. There is the notoriously infamous St-Saveur’s Polar Bear’s Club in Canada’s Quebec and the Coney Island Polar Bear Club as the oldest winter bathing club since 1903 in New York; particularly famous for their New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge. The Guardian also writes of ‘the health benefits of swimming in ice water, noting cold water swimmers swear by the mental and physical benefits.

The Cold Water Cure boosts our white blood cell count as the body is “shocked” by the extreme conditions; increases our life expectancy by aiding our overall quality of life while also producing happy endorphins to cope with the pain barrier – particularly excellent for treating depression and other emotional maladies in reducing stress. It also boosts our circulation, forcing blood to the surface and the cold further down. Then as the heart pumps faster, we burn calories, forcing our body to work harder to keep warm. As ancient as even the Ancient Greeks, the cold water cure, cold water swimming and hydrotherapy have been known throughout the ages to positively impact our health. This means our pool should be used all year round – not just for lifestyle benefits, but for the health benefits too.


Get Pool-Ready For Spring & Summer

Winter is the best time to start planning for your new pool or spa or a refresh to your pool area, as building during winter means it’s ready for spring and summer. It’s the ideal time to research, avoid the rush, plan your landscaping – and haggle over the best price. But there are responsibilities when it comes to building your pool or spa and altering barriers, windows, gates, the landscaping or any other areas surrounding your pool. NSW Government Fair Trading have a load of information about Swimming Pools And Spas here>But a quick phone call to your local Pool Safety Inspector can make all the difference, so your landscaping, barriers and access to the pool and spa areas all fall within NSW Government Standards.

Because it’s about keeping pool compliance and safety simple.


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