Anything could go wrong while you and your kids are in a swimming pool. If you are well prepared, you can definitely have a safe swimming experience with your kids.

You need to be aware of certain things that will help protect your family especially your kids from the potential dangers around the pool. Below are 5 essential facts ways that may help you improve pool safety for your kids.

1.   Teach them to avoid pool drains

Pool drains are generally parts of pool’s circulation system. It is controlled by a pump to filter and maintain water quality. The water is continually sucked into the drain and circulated back into the pool.

An exposed pool drain can cause serious injuries to you and your children such as pool entrapment. There are different types of pool entrapment:

  • Hair entanglement
  • Body entanglement
  • Finger entanglement
  • Mechanical entrapment

You should teach your children to stay away from drains. You’d better also install an anti-entrapment pool drain cover and safety vacuum system to automatically release the suction in case of emergency.

2.   Take out shivering kids

Body temperature drops quickly after you enter the water. If you notice that your kids are already shivering or have muscle cramps, you should take them out of the poolimmediately. They may experience hypothermia if they are in the water for a long time.

Before entering the pool, you should check the water temperature to make sure it feels comfortable for you and your kids. For other swimmers, a temperature below 70°F (20°C) is already cold. Normally, 82°- 86°F (28°- 30°C) is the appropriate water temperature for children.

3.   Take all toys out of the pool

Pool toys can attract attention to children. It means a lot of fun to your kids during swimming. However, you should be more careful of the risks it can bring.

After using, you should make sure that all pool toys are kept properly in a safe place. If not, your kids may retrieve the toys later in the pool which can lead them to either falling or even drowning.

4.   Don’t spend too much time under the sun

Kids should not expose to the sun for too long. Children’s skin is more sensitive to sun damage than adults. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn, dehydration, fatigue or even skin cancer.

To avoid sun damage, apply on your kids with an ample amount of sunscreen (at least an SPF of 30). You should also look for a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB coverage which provides broad spectrum protection for your skin.

5.   Install a pool fence

You should let your kids know that they are not allowed to enter the swimming pool unless an adult or guardian is with them.

Installing a pool fence around your pool is important to keep your kids safe. Pool barriers can prevent pets and other animals from getting into the pool.


Making the pool a fun and safe place is one of your responsibilities as the swimming pool owner. The essential ways mentioned above can help you prevent accidents and injuries in the pool.

Another way of keeping your pool safe is to have your pools inspected. A private certifier can carry out a pool safety inspection and provide pool repair services

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