Non-compliant pools

A pool safety certificate is needed if property is sold or leased, a newly built pool or a new fence is constructed around an existing swimming pool.

Penalty for non-compliant pools

A fine will be issued by the NSW government.

Pool compliancy Do’s

  • Get professional advice from a Certified Pool Safety Inspector and have your pool inspected.

If after the inspection and your pool is non-compliant, You will be handed a non-compliance notice. The Inspector will be informing you with what needs to be compliant. You would need then to have a re-inspection within 90days from the day of the first inspection. Failure to have a re-inspection will then the inspector Submit the non-compliant report to the NSW pool council.

Will I be able to sell my property without a pool safety certificate?

Yes. Provided the ff:

Seller’s responsibility

Provide a copy of Notice of No Pool Certificate to the buyer and the NSW pool council. In the case that your property has a shared pool, you will also need to provide a copy of the notice to the pool woner.

Buyer’s responsibility

Aquire a certificate of compliance within 90 days after settlement.

Will I be able to lease my property without a pool safety certificate?

You will not be able to lease your property with a non-shared pool without a Pool Safety Certificate.

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