Kids love to play games in the swimming pool. It is a fun and entertaining activity for both family and friends. Whether it is a family gathering or party, playing pool games is always a good option to entertain everyone.

With that, here is a list of some of the favourite swimming pool games for you and your kids to play.

   1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a classic “tag in the water game”. One player is chosen as “it” and should swim around the pool to tag other players. The challenging part is that the “it” should be blindfolded.

The “it” can only sense other players by yelling “Marco” and they should answer “Polo”. The player who gets tagged becomes the new “it” and the game continues.

   2. Find the bottle game

This one is a famous game. First, you should take an empty bottle and fill it with water. Players should line up on the pool deck facing away from the pool. At this point, toss the bottle into the water.

Once they hear the splash, they should turn around and search for the bottle. It may sound easy but it is actually not because the bottle can camouflage to the bottom of the pool. The first player who finds the bottle wins.

   3. Treasure Hunt

This is a simple pool game but it can be exciting and fun. The aim of this game is to find the “treasures” underwater. You can use coins, marbles, dive toys or anything that sinks.

Hide the “treasures” underwater and let the players dive and search for them. Whoever collects the most items is the winner.

   4. Beach ball race

This game is very easy. Players should be divided into 2 teams. They should push the beach ball from one side of the pool to the other side using their faces (no hands allowed). The first player who reaches the end of the pool is the winner.

You can also play this game in various ways. For example, the players can sit at the edge of the pool. Using water guns, they should push the balls to the end of the pool.

   5. Simon Says

This game needs 4 or more players. The players should spread out in the pool. The supervising adult should act as “Simon”. When Simon calls out an action, for example, “Simon says jump 3 times”, all players should do it. If actions are given without the phrase “Simon says” and the players still perform it, they are out of the game.

Safety Reminder

Playing water games is an enjoyable activity for you and your kids in the swimming pool. Before entering the pool, safety rules and guidelines should be acknowledged.

Always be attentive and have a watchful eye for your kids. Make sure that you choose the water games that would suit your kids’ age and swimming abilities. The key to a safe water game is to supervise them while having fun.


If you want to enjoy your swimming activity, playing these simple water games can be a great idea. It can be an enjoyable bonding moment for your family.

Still, you should remember some safety measures while they are playing. You should know your responsibilities as a parent or guardian. Active supervision along with a child-resistant barrier should be observed.

A complete pool inspection can also help in keeping your kids safe. You can contact a good pool safety inspector to carry out a comprehensive pool compliance inspection for your pool.

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