3 Most Common Causes of Drowning

With the alarming rate of drowning cases a year, it is important that we understand the most common causes of drowning.

1-Inability to Swim.

You and your child may not spend a lot of time around water it is still key for them to learn how to swim.  professional swimming lessons will teach them lifesaving skills, like keeping their head above water and swim to the exit.

2-No Pool Fence / Substandard Pool Fence / Broken Pool Fence.

This is the most common pool safety mistake pool owners commit yet this is the easiest way to prevent drowning. A properly installed pool fence with the correct standards creates a barrier between the children and the pool. This reduces the risk of drowning by 80%.

3-Lack of Supervision. 

Make it a point that your child should ever be left unattended in or near a pool.  We suggest the 10/15/0 rule –  check the pool every 10 seconds, you should be able to reach the pool within 15 seconds and most of all 0 casualties.

Being aware and keen of these 3 most common causes of drowning can help prevent a waiting accident to happen.  Drowning is absolutely preventable.

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